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Poland Mining Camps Pricing Schedule
as of January 31, 2010
Our Season is from Memorial Day Weekend until September 30th.
Call to make reservations or obtain pricing to fit your schedule.
(207) 998-2350

Reservations Required
Please make Checks payable to: Poland Mining Camps
No reservation will be accepted or honored without a deposit of 50% of total (does not apply to Tag-a-Long Day Reservations). Payment by personal or bank check accepted - currently unable to accept credit cards. Cancellations subject to a 15% charge.

Lodging, Meals and Collecting Options
Includes Lodging, Three Meals a Day, Insurance Coverage,
Mine Fees and includes all Maine Sales Taxes.
Reservations required!
Three (3) Day Package . . . . .
Three (3) nights, three (3) collecting days.
Dependent upon available space!
call for rates
One Week Package . . . . .
Seven (7) nights, seven (7) collecting days
example: Arrive Saturday PM, depart Saturday before 5:00 PM
call for rates
If you want to stay longer or shorter, give us a call for pricing!

Tag-a-Long Day Customer Option
Join our lodging customers and collect at the selected quarry for one day.
Includes Mine Access, Mine Fees and Insurance Coverage
Reservations required!
One (1) Day Package . . . . . . . . . .
No lodging, meals or transportation supplied.
call for rates
If you would like to purchase a bag lunch, let us know when you make reservations.

Poland Mining Camps T-Shirts & Hats
Dependent upon availability, we stock embroidered t-shirts and hats with the PMC logo.
PMC T-Shirts
state size: S, M, L, XL
call for price


PMC Hats
"ball cap" - one size fits all
call for price


PMC Zippered Sweatshirt
"state size: S, M, L, XL
call for price


PMC Pullover Sweatshirt
state size: S, M, L, XL
call for price


Frederick C. Wilda Limited Edition Print
Fluor-Apatite Crystals, Pulsifer Mine, Mount Apatite, Auburn, Maine
Limited Edition Print, 11x17", matted 16x20"$70.00 ea. plus shipping

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