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Tag-a-Long Day Customers

Can't Come for 3 to 7 Days?
Make a Reservation and Come for Just One Day!

Serious and eager mineral collectors, who can't stay at Poland Mining Camps, may still join our Residential Clients on selected days and collect at the Quarry-of-the-Day. The collecting location is selected by Poland Mining Camps only, but you may ask to visit a particular site! We visit only one Quarry per day and everyone will go to that Quarry and leave at the same time!

As a Tag-a-Long customer, you will have the same collecting rights as our residential customers and you will join them on the trip. There are no restrictions on keeping what you find, as long as the mine owner is satisfied.

Our Tag-a-Long Season starts on Memorial Day Weekend and runs until the end of September, but if the weather permits, you may call us about earlier or later dates.
Pricing Info:
Our Tag-a-Long Price includes: the Quarry access, Quarry fees, up to six hours(*) of collecting time (dependent on travel times and other variables) and limited liability insurance coverage. Price does not include food, lodging, transportation or any other service of Poland Mining Camps. Transportation to and from the selected location is your responsibility. With a Required Reservation, you must join our caravan of customers leaving Poland Mining Camps at 8:00 am and depart from the Quarry at the end of the collecting day with everyone else.
(* Days average 5-7 hours in the field)

We are open for business every day during the season and you may request reservations as often as you like. Space can be limited, so reservations are required! Many of our current Day customers come almost every week and sometimes twice in the same week.

Poland Mining Camps also reserve the right to refuse any request to join their Resident Customers on the Quarry-of-the-Day trip. Poland Mining Camps also reserves the right to cancel any reservation, especially when the mine owners are operating at the quarries or circumstances dictate. In these cases, refunds will be cheerfully made and every effort will be made to reschedule.
photo:©Rae Hurlbutt, 2002

Tag-a-Long Customers must follow all Rules and Restrictions of Poland Mining Camps and the Quarry visited. Any infraction and/or violation of these Rules and Restrictions will be cause for you to forfeit the days fee and be asked to leave the premises of the selected quarry. At every quarry, PMC and the quarry owners have the final say in all matters! You are not entitled to visit any of our quarries except on the day of your reservation and only with our permission. You may not enter or return to that quarry on your own at any time, even on the same day without the owners or Poland Mining Camps permission!

No commercial collecting at all!
Commercial collecting or dealers are not allowed as Tag-a-Long customers! No mechanized equipment or explosives are allowed! Hand tools only, which does include shovels, sledge hammers and sifting screens (24 square inches or less only). Photographing each Quarry for personal use is permitted, but not for publication or sale! You may not collect multiple pails of material without the mine operators permission. The above protects the Rights of the Quarry operators.

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Last Updated: January 31, 2010
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