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Our Business Philosophy and Goals -
Philosophy -
Poland Mining Camps regards hard work, honesty and integrity as the foundation and driving force of our business! With this philosophy, we have earned the respect and trust of our customers, our mineral collecting site landowners and the mining community in the State of Maine. With our philosophy and the similar conduct of our customers, we continue to enjoy collecting access at closed quarries in Maine.

Poland Mining Camps has guaranteed the conduct of our customers while at each mineral collecting location. We encourage our customers to treat the locations as their own property and to be honest with the quarry operators. This philosophy has benefited not only our customers, but the hobby as a whole in Maine. If Poland Mining Camps can prove to collecting site owners/operators that our customers are trustworthy, maybe someday other closed locations might reopen.

Goals -
Poland Mining Camps business goal is to create a Family of mineral collectors and enthusiasts who share the same philosophy as Poland Mining Camps. Our current Family consists of collectors from all walks of life, with every level of experience & expertise, international in scope and eager to enjoy our exclusive Camp community and collecting opportunities.

The quarry miners, who allow our customers access, have become members of this Family and contribute their expertise and knowledge to the entire Poland Mining Camps experience. These miners spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours every year exposing new collectable materials, allowing our customers the opportunity to collect mineral specimens for just a few dollars each day. That, is a bargain! Our customers respect the miners hard work, building additional trust with them, and we (the mineral enthusiasts) are all reaping the benefit! In the process, fabulous specimens are being recovered by our customers and new friendships are being forged.

"This is how our Family expands each year . . .
because our Goals are to share, learn, trust, make new friends and grow!"

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Last Updated: January 31, 2010
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