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"Welcome to Our Web Site!  Our primary purpose is to help you find your own mineral specimens or gemstones and learn in the process!  Additionally, we now sell merchandise that will aid you in the process.  Mineral specimens or gemstones may also be purchased." Mary Groves - proprietor
Introduction -
Poland Mining Camps is located in Poland, Maine and our primary business is to cater to the needs of the pegmatite mineral collector, enthusiast or geologist, whether as individuals or as a Group. Our customers have exclusive access to famous pegmatite quarries and are allowed to collect mineral specimens, study the geology and enjoy the opportunity unavailable to the general public.

We are located within the heart of Maine's Granite Pegmatite Belt, which is in Oxford and Androscoggin Counties. We have dedicated our services and facilities to the collectable minerals and geology available in this area.

Our Season -
Our seasonal business starts on Memorial Day Weekend and ends September 30th. These are the dates for Lodging at Poland Mining Camps. If you have other dates in mind, especially if you want a one day collecting trip (our Tag-a-Long Customers), please don't hesitate calling us as we might be able to accommodate you!
Collect Mineral Specimens -
As a mineral collecting vacation destination, Poland Mining Camps offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in the State of Maine. Our facility will be your base of operations to collect at world renown pegmatite quarries which are generally closed to the public. In the down-home atmosphere of our camp, you will be sharing this experience with other enthusiasts, making new friends, possibly meeting some of the local miners and encountering some of the best collecting opportunities ever available within Maine. Come for a day or stay for a week, we offer many different vacation possibilities.
Conference Center Venue -
We also offer full services for hosting your Club or Organization's Meeting, Seminar, Workshop or Summer Camp at our facilities. With Classroom facilities optimized for groups up to 40 people and a collection of teaching aids available right on Campus, your function can be a resounding success.

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Last Updated: January 31, 2010
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